Portfolio of Steph Laba — Experience Designer


Hi — I’m Steph, a Toronto based multidisciplinary designer currently at the intersection of Experience Design and eCommerce.

Photo of Steph
Image: Obligatory shot of me and a whiteboard, “designing”




Steph Laba

My start in the tech sphere was in UI design and illustration however I quickly discovered front-end development and fell in love with the freedom to not only design but execute the builds myself. Coding afforded me autonomy and a holistic understanding - two things that I tend to seek out in all facets of life.

While working as a developer I began reading articles on UX Design and my interest was piqued; with an emphasis on usability, evidence-based solutions and advocacy for people I was drawn to it. I went on to study UX Design at HackerYou and upon completion of the course, Demac Media (an eCommerce agency where I had been working as a developer) took me up on the offer to establish a UX department. For the first year I was the sole UX designer at Demac. Though challenging at times I believe it helped me grow quickly. Today the team is 3 designers strong and growing.

Here are some of my proudest professional moments working as an Experience Designer so far:

  • Establishing the UX Department at Demac Media
  • Training my colleagues on all things UX Design
  • Acting as Web Accessibility Design Lead

When I'm not working you'll likely find me head banging to heavy metal, working on my zine about Drag Queens (and all expressions of drag), collecting miles on my roadbike and/or snacking.